Review of Internship in CGTAE Technology (인턴D)

1. ESG insights learned during the internship

For three months of internship, it was my first time to learn what ESG is. During the internship, I have learned that ESG stands for Environment, Social, and Governance, and it aims for sustainable development of society in terms of managing companies or organizations. Also, it is utilized as a non-financial standard that can examine the abstract performance of corporations. It was remarkable that now people can judge and compare the companies with the numerical and grades of their ethical behaviors. Nowadays, global investors and citizens prioritize ethical behaviors in judging companies, compared to Korea. Therefore, I realized that Korea should also implement the ESG measurement on companies with better understanding of what ESG is.

2. ESG-related topics worth exploring further

I would like to analyze more about ESG measurement. It is because there are numerous ESG measurement organizations depending on each ESG standard, so the examining factors of companies are also different depending on the evaluation agency. However, I think I am still less knowledgeable about how the evaluation agency examines the companies and the difference of each ESG level. Hence, from now on, I will research more about how many evaluation agencies exist and how they grade the ESG level on companies globally and locally.

3. Lessons gained from working as an intern at CGTAE Tech

As I worked as an ESG study intern at CGTAE Tech, I felt that there are infinite possibilities in ESG and IT related services for society. Majoring in Technology and society management, I had no idea which workplaces can be suitable for my major. However, after I experienced that IT supports the society in terms of encouraging ESG and consulting, I was enlightened that there will be more opportunities that I can choose what I am supposed to do in the future as a job. Additionally, I could learn the importance of communication skills and note taking skills. It is because, in my case, I received diverse work such as researching, tracking the details of meetings or the company’s progress, and presentations. In terms of dealing with two different tasks at the same time, I can better handle my work by taking notes about the instructions and requirements so that I can get better output and feedback on my work. My experience in CGTAE tech is all meaningful to find my strengths and weaknesses as a professional so that I can improve myself for the future.